Vlog’s i follow

Lovely Helen Melonlady , i fell in love with her hair instantly , in fact i started watch her videos  For her hair tutorials , but her all videos are amazing really funny person in a good way 🙂 Her videos are about Fashion ,life style, and definitely fun !

Here one of her Fun videos 🙂

The second one is Beutycrush  Sammi,what can i say about her videos she is so… well quit happy and we need  that more in YouTube , she does videos about make up tutorials that i really enjoy , fashion ,fashion hols that i find really entertaining and  useful even living in USA 😀

Third is… Zoella   the best beauty hols,  through them i found loads and loads of really good staff and the best is not all of the are really price 😉 Great make up tutorials 😉 !

And last ,but not least  Tyler Oakley  and well i watch his videos because of course his Tyler Oakley …

So i’m gonna put some more Vlogers websites that i just started  watching and i can tel i;m gonna like them 😉