Shirt – second hand ; Jacket – second hand ; Jeans – Forever21 ; Shoes – ZARA ; Bag – ZARA


Hiiii , yesterday  I got proposal go on the  trip to the mountains for ski, but so how I don’t really have no right skiing gear there was no skiing for me ,but well I wasn’t disappointed because of the nature and mountains I got to see 🙂

This was my first photo shoot and it was really funny,  I thought  that it would be nice take same photos out there, while my mom was taking my pictures I was sinking deeper and deeper  in to the snow ,there was lots of snow probably about 3 meters ,but I think I got same nice photos 🙂 

My outfit:

  • Beanie-New Yorker
  • Coat- H&M
  • Sweater-H&M
  • Jeans-New Yorker
  • Bag -Zara
  • Shirt-Vintage

(bdw my english is not that really good,but still i hope everyone can understand everything)Image